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  About us
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Bao'an District of Shenzhen City Fuyong Ding paper packaging materials plant, in essence, is the cloud network orders, make-up printing, the combination of logistics network. Compared with the traditional printing, to achieve low-cost personalized customization, such as DM single printing, poster printing, greeting card printing, handbag printing, brochure printing and other printed matter. And can at any time under the single, fast delivery, but also because the use of imposition printing is the same amount of printed copies of different customers combined into a full version, the formation of bulk and size of the advantages of sharing and save plate and printing costs. Generally lower than the traditional printing cost of about 30%, lower prices, which have great price competitive advantage.

Bao'an District of Shenzhen City Fuyong Ding paper packaging materials plant in 2009 to set up, mainly to fight the beginning of printing, printing for the existing domestic leading enterprises. The company's core competitiveness is not only to establish a network, but also in the auxiliary design, efficient processing, automatic make-up, custom manufacturing and other aspects of continuous investment, the formation of proprietary printing technology. As a new printing solution to meet the small quantities, personalized, fast and many other needs.